An exclusive new way of travelling: 3 days on board a yacht 3 days in hotel to discover South Italy at best

From 3500 / person

3 days cultural immersive holiday: Rome, Amalfi Coast and Pompei; 3 days of total relax on board of a luxury yacht: Capri and its volcanic island sister at glance

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  1. Arrival in Rome Fiumicino International Airport 📍

    Welcome to Italy!

    At your arrival in Rome Fiumicino Airport you will find your Sweet Travel Italy assistant who will be your butler for a week. Please share a warm ciao!

  2. Transfer to 4* hotel Diana Roof

    A private minivan will be waiting for you outside the airport terminal to drive you to the booked hotel

  3. Check in at 4* hotel Diana Roof in Rome

    Check in at Diana Roof Garden 4* or similar hotel in the center of Rome. We have picked this strategic hotel located in the heart of Rome. Some of the main monuments in the city are just 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel

  4. Dinner

    Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will be present all along the tour to give always the best tip. Forget your mobile and ask Italians about Italy. Maybe are you up for a typical amatriciana pasta?


  1. Breakfast

    The breakfast buffet is available on the terrace of the hotel. You will be waking up looking at the St. Peter Church and savouring freshly baked croissants

  2. Transfer from the hotel

    Pack all your luggages in the minivan for the afternoon transfer to Naples and start the exclusive half day excursion of Rome

  3. Visit of Vatican Museum

    Together with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant you will discover the Vatican Museums. A radio guide will be delivered to each participant so not to miss any detail. Vatican Museums hold the greatest collection of artefacts gathered in the past centuries by the Pope who was ruling over Rome in each period

  4. Visit of St. Peter Basilica

    After the visit of the museum, through small doors you enter in the most famous church of the world. We are not going to spend useless words for the show in front of the Sistine Chapel and the statues of Michelangelo

  5. Free time for lunch

    Do you know what Rosticceria means? It is a typical italian fast food but with the italian recipes. Or you prefer to enjoy a classic italian restaurant? Ask your Sweet Travel Italy assistant for more tips where to eat. You have approximately 2 hours before the departure to Naples

  6. Transfer to Naples port

    Our minivan will drive you to Naples to get on board the yacht we have booked for you

  7. Check in on board 📍

    As soon as you arrive at the port, the captain welcomes the group with some nice prosecco. It is time to celebrate your arrival on board. While you discover the yacht, the captain start the maneuvers to leave the docks. The journey in the Mediterranean Sea can finally start

  8. Dinner

    Dinner will be served on board by the chef. Dishes will mainly be based on fresh vegetables, meat and fishes. Please let us know in advance in case of any food allergy. Upon booking your Capri & Pompei Yacht Tour make sure to ask our staff about the everyday menu on board the yacht


  1. Breakfast

    It is your first breakfast on board the yacht. How was it to sleep in the middle of the sea? Upon booking the tour you will have a detailed list of the available dishes for your breakfast. Our chef mainly prepares two types of breakfast: Italian (coffee, orange juice, bread and jam, croissants, selection of fruits) and Continental (eggs and bacon, sausages, porridge, selection of cheeses and hams)

  2. Half day excursion of Ischia 📍

    Sandy beaches, hot springs, tropical trees. You will be amazed by the secret charme of the less known island of the gulf. Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will take you around the island and share anecdotes of its past. Did you know that Ischia was colonized by Greeks more than 2000 years ago?

  3. Free lunch

    Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will recommend some restaurants around the island where to try the best italian fish recipes

  4. Free afternoon

    You are given the chance to enter a local thermal park and have some massages

  5. Transfer back to the yacht

    Your Sweet Travel Italu assistant will collect the group with our mini van and head back to the yacht. Let's get ready for the dinner on board

  6. Dinner

    Dinner is served for all the participants on board


  1. Breakfast

    While you savour your Italian coffee, the yacht moves in the direction of Capri island

  2. Capri full day exploration 📍

    It is not a place you will easily forget... Every corner reminds of what the world knows of 

    italian beauty

    . Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will guide you through the narrow, car free, coloured roads of the most iconic island in the world. Mesmerizing corners and breathtaking views will leave you speechless

  3. Transfer back to the yacht

    Together with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant a minivan is waiting for you to drive you back to the yacht after a full day discovery of Capri. It is time to get some rest and look at the island from the sea

  4. Dinner

    Do not miss this dinner in front of Capri island while the sun sinks in the sea in front of you. Dinner is served on board for all the participants of the tour


  1. Breakfast

    While you taste some fresh croissants, the captain heads the prov toward Sorrento. Have you ever heard of Torna a Surriento song? Caruso singer? Be ready to disembark in what is known as the door of Amalfi Coast

  2. Disembark from the yacht

    After a morning swim in front of Sorrento coast, your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will gather the group and their luggages ready to disembark in Sorrento port

  3. Check in 4* hotel Michelangelo

    Check in on the main Sorrento road or similar hotel in the proximities. Sorrento is a cozy walkable town where you will hear about the lives of great men and women who decided to spend their holidays here during the past decades

  4. Pizza Time at Franco's

    Why not explore a local pizzeria where Italians eat local pizza sitting next to each other at the same table? Ask your Sweet Travel Italy assistant of what is the best pizza they share at Franco's

  5. Visit of Sorrento 📍

    Start the walking visit of Sorrento together with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant who will guide you in the busy streets of the town. Corals, limoncello, dresses, everything is at glance in this brilliant coast town

  6. Dinner

    Dinner will be served at the hotel. After a long walk in Sorrento city center it is time to relax and enjoy some italian cuisine. Make sure to check the sunset on the public terrace near the hotel to have the perfect shot of Capri and Ischia islands while the sun lays in the sea


  1. Breakfast

    Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. It is time to get ready for another adventure. Today you will discover the Amalfi Coast and why it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world

  2. Amalfi Coast full day excursion

    Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will gather the group in our private mini van for the start of exploration of the Amalfi Coast. We take several stops in the most famous towns and attractions: Positano, Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Ravello...

  3. Free time for lunch

    By this time you will be hungry, for sure! Ask your Sweet Travel Italy assistant to give you the best tip on the spot. We are in Italy and everywhere the food tastes delicious. Make sure not to miss the delizia limone, the most famous pastry in the Amalfi Coast made with cream and lemons

  4. Transfer to the hotel

    Around this time our minivan will head back to Sorrento after the long visit of Amalfi Coast

  5. Dinner

    Dinner will be served at the hotel restaurant for all the participants of the tour


  1. Breakfast

    Wake up early this morning to start the excursion to Pompei. You have a full day excursion ahead. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You are going to cross a ghost town and climb a volcano

  2. Transfer to Pompei

    First part of the day is dedicated to Pompei: the city under the ashes. Covered by the eruption in 79 DC, the small town was back to light during the excavations of 18th century AD. Only now in 21st century you can admire every corner of the city and have the chilling feeling of living in a Roman town before the terrible eruption...

  3. Visit of Pompei 📍

    Your English speaking guide will lead the group in the streets of Pompei to understand the of life of this provincial town during the Roman times. Due to the eruption of 79 AD, everything is frozen to that particular moment when the gas and the lava came down from the nearby volcano. Pompei is like a huge frozen theatrical scenario of those days before the eruption

  4. Transfer to Sorrentino Winery and lunch break

    After the visit of Pompei, transfer to a local vineyard. it is time to rest under the grape leaves and taste some local wines. Did you know that volcanic ground give the wine a peculiar taste? It is time to try it and enjoy together with some finger food

  5. Visit of Sorrentino Winery 📍

    Try the wine of the volcano. Relax under the grapeyards and walk together with specialist to better understand the wine processes. After the visit we have planned a wine tasting and food aside to enjoy the moment. Cheers!

  6. Transfer on top of Vesuvius volcano

    Our minivan will reach the top of the volcano in about 20 minutes from the Sorrentino vineyard. If you want to admire the grandness of this volcano you have to walk approximately ten minutes to reach the top of it. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes

  7. Visit of Vesuvius volcano 📍

    In Italy there are two active volcanoes: one is Etna in Sicily, the second one is Vesuvius and you are about to enter its crater. The view from the volcano top is astonishing. You can admire the entire gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and the island in the gulf. It is a great place to take pictures. Please also ask local English speaking guide more informations about the geology of the volcano

  8. Transfer to the hotel

    Transfer back to the hotel

  9. Dinner

    Dinner will be served in the hotel restaurant for all the participants of the tour


  1. Breakfast


  2. Check out from 4* hotel Michelangelo

    Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will make sure everyone is ready and does not forget anything in the hotel. It is time to check out from the hotel. Our private minivan will be waiting for you outside of the hotel to start the journey back to Rome Fiumicino International airport

  3. Transfer to Reggia di Caserta

    On the way back to Rome you have some time left to explore a great castle located in the heart of Campania region: Reggia di Caserta

  4. Visit of Reggia di Caserta 📍

    It is called castle but it is much more than that. Versailles in France is the closest copy to this majestic project of country house. Yes, the residence of french kings had a copy here in the middle of Campania region. The building was promoted by the local Borbone king in the 18th century, who at the time was a relative of the French dynasty. This sumptuous mansion has fountains, sculptures and gold that sparkles everywhere, typical of 18th century Baroque style

  5. Leaving Reggia di Caserta

    After the visit of Reggia di Caserta, the minivan will drive you at Caserta Outlet Village for last second gift before heading to the airport

  6. Transfer to Rome Fiumicino International Airport

    Depending on the time of your flight, we will always arrange the transfer to be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will help you at desk for check in your flight and the luggage drop off.

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