A private tour in the heart of Italy to discover amazing corners and to explore the deepest skies

From ā‚¬ 2200 / person

Unknown routes in the woods of Italy, dark blue skies and remote castels. These are few of the ingrediens in this exclusive tour. We have booked a castle for the group in the middle of a park. Didactical lessons held by italian academics to better know the skies above our heads. Stargazing at the next level in this tour full of history and knowledge. Ask our staff for more informations

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  1. Arrival at Rome Fiumicino International Airport šŸ“

    Welcome to Italy!

    These are your first steps in the "boot" as Italians call their country. We have organized an amazing astrotour for you and your friends. We cannot wait to show you everything we have planned. So, let's start our journey to explore Italy and its wonderful skies. Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will be waiting with a board and your name on it at the terminal exit. Please share a warm ciao!

  2. Transfer in Umbria region from Rome Fiumicino International Airport

    Our private coach is waiting for you outside the airport. Our driver will immediately take you to your dream location for a week: a castle in the heart of woods. Approximate time of the transfer is 1hr 30 minutes. Several stops are planned along the way to the castle

  3. Check in Castello di Titignano šŸ“

    Arrival in your home for a week. Welcome to Castello di Titignano. Located in the middle of Tiber River Natural Park, this rebuilt castle is the perfect location to explore the skies at night while still savouring the authentic italian lifestyle


  1. Breakfast


  2. Meeting in hall for group activity

    After the breakfast your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will be sharing the news about the week ahead. Morning sessions held by italian academics will enrich the astrotour with the needed informations before the night exploration

  3. Lunch time

    Lunch is served for all the participants. Home made delicious italian meals are served including entrees, several courses, dessert and fruit. Drinks are included

  4. Afternoon break

    After lunch your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will gather the group for the visit of the castle and the neighbouring park. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking in the woods to reach the Tiber River that pours its waters into the city of Rome

  5. Dinner


  6. Stargazing

    Did you bring your own telescope? If you did not, we provide them upon request


  1. Breakfast


  2. Visit of Orvieto šŸ“

    Together with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant discover in half day excursion this gracious Middle Age town in the proximities of Castello di Titignano:

    - The Cathedral of Orvieto with its great frescos and the astonishing facade made of white marble. A treasure of Renaissance period

    - St. Patrick well: this strange and fascinating well will take you in the depths of the past and literally in the depths of Earth. The legendary story of St. Patrick who used to be the guardian of a never-ending access to hell finds its way in this mysterious place built more than 500 years ago

    - climbing Torre del Moro: tower located in the heart of town has a 360Ā° view of the surroundings. Exciting

    - free time to explore the narrow streets of the town

  3. Free time for lunch

    Let's taste some specialties! Do you know that in Italy each town has its own cuisine? Explore the local street food shops and enjoy together with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant the delicacies of Umbria region met by the famous Orvieto wine

  4. Transfer to Civita di Bagnoregio

    It is time to continue our exploration of the area. After the visit of Orvieto our minivan will move to another amazing place in the surroundings of the castle

  5. Visit of Civita di Bagnoregio šŸ“

    Have you ever wondered what it feels like living in the clouds? This small town is located on the top of a mountain, only reachable by a small bridge. Civita di Bagnoregio is called the ghost town. According to 2023 statistical data only 11 residents are registered living in the town. Wandering through the desert streets of this abandoned town will give you the feeling of being left alone on the face of Earth. It is a fantastic spot for great pictures but above all for meditational purposes. A must-be-seen place to be visited together your Sweet Travel Italy assistant

  6. Transfer to Castello di Titignano

    Leaving Civita di BagnoregioĀ and travel back to Castello di Titignano

  7. Dinner


  8. Stargazing



  1. Breakfast


  2. Meeting in the hall

    Group activities with italian academics. Explanation of the telescope functioning and brief astrophisical lessons

  3. Cooking class

    For the lovers and the curious we have planned some time to enjoy the local chef and discover some italian recipes. You will cook and enjoy your own pasta dishes prepared in the kitchen of the castle

  4. Lunch time

    Will you eat the pasta made with your own hands? Even if it does not look good it is surely delicious! Enjoy the meal together with your astro colleagues and draw the shape of the stars in the flour. Our chef will take care of the group and organize a large banquet for all the participants

  5. Transfer to Mount Rufeno Astronomical Observatory

    It is time to set up for a new adventure to the nearby Astronomical Observatory. The building is located on top of Mount Rufeno. You are reccomended to wear comfortable shoes. You have the option to reach the Astronomical Observatory by walk into a park for 5 km. In case you do not feel like walking such distance our minivan will reach the main building in shorter time. At 18.00 there will be the presentation by the local astronomy team

  6. Visit of Mount Rufeno Astronomical Observatory

    A 4 hour lesson dedicated to the history of the Observatory and the main discoveries will be shared by local expert astronomers. A private night exploration of the stars is organized for the gruop. At sunset be ready to watch the stars with a powerful telescope. Our guests will be given the chance to take astropictures with the local professional telescope

  7. Dinner

    A light dinner in packages for adventurers will be served for all the participants. Drinks and refreshments (no spirits) will be served for all the participants

  8. Transfer to Castello di Titignano

    Around this time your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will organize the transfer back to the hotel


  1. Breakfast


  2. Transfer to Perugia & Assisi

    Hop in! It is time to explore with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant the amazing Umbria Region and its main cities of Perugia and Assisi. It is a full day excursion

  3. Visit of Perugia šŸ“

    Half day excursion of Perugia in the heart of Umbria region. Perugia is a typical small italian town with a very long history that dates back to Etruscans who lived in this area before the Romans. In the streets of Perugia you will walk the main town road with all its local shops, the Cathedral of the town and the famous terrace where the Perusians looked at Assisi before fighting more than 500 years ago.

    - Cathedral of Perugia: The Cathedral of St. Lawrence is one of the city's most representative religious buildings. Inside is the Deposition of the Cross by Federico Barocci and a precious relic, the Virgin's wedding ring. The altarpiece Madonna enthroned between St. John the Baptist, Onofrio, Lawrence and Ercolano by Luca Signorelli was once located here, but it is now on display at the Museo Capitolare (which you can access via the courtyard of the cathedral)

    - Galleria Nazionale: explore the paintings of the great Middle Age artists such as Perugino

    - Studio Moretti Caselli: The craftsmanship of no less than five generations has been handed down and consolidated in the historic center of Perugia to create nationally and internationally recognized artistic masterpieces on glass

  4. Free time for lunch

    Around this time your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will lead the group to discover the typical Perugia cuisine. The famousĀ TESTOĀ will be on the menu. It is a typical flat saltless bread filled with local prosciutto, fresh roquette salad and melted cheese. Travellers will be recommended to try someĀ strangozzi (very thick spaghetti made with fresh flour) with mushrooms or truffles. Lunch in not included in the tour price

  5. Transfer to Assisi

    After the lunch break the group moves from Perugia to visit Assisi. This white marble jem located on the hillside of a wide plain has been the home town of one of the greatest figures of Christianity: St. Francis

  6. Visit of Assisi šŸ“

    Together with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant explore the famous Assisi Cathedral that was built on top of St. Francis smallĀ porziuncola. In Middle Ages the Church spread the idea of the Earth at the center of the Universe while the sun revolving under. In this antiscientifical context, a man like Francis was instead talking about poverty and rules. The Franciscans (as they are called) followed strict rules of poverty and meditation. Even today you can see them walking around Assisi with their brown robe made out of natural jute sacks

  7. Transfer to Castello di Titignano

    It is time to leave Assisi and head back to the castle for night activities

  8. Dinner


  9. Astroactivities

    Around this time we will start the sky exploration from the main terraces of the castle


  1. Breakfast

    Every morning continental breakfast will be served for all our guests. Wide choice of cold cuts, fresh croissants, eggs and fruits will be available

  2. Transfer to Saturnia Thermal Park

    Saturnia Thermal Park is located in the Grosseto province of the Tuscany region in Italy, and is one of the most famous thermal spa centers in Europe. Legend has it that the name "Saturnia" comes from the agricultural god Saturnus, who became tired of human wars and threw a thunderbolt to the ground, causing warm sulfur water to spurt out of the cracks, forming a magical and therapeutic thermal spring. Since the Renaissance period, Roman women have been using the thermal waters for beauty treatments, and for centuries, Italians have believed that Saturnia Thermal Park can restore vitality to the body and is a natural gift to people. Every weekend or holiday, the small town is always crowded with tourists who come to bathe in the warm waters. The hot sulfur water cascades down from Mount Amiata, flowing through the hills and gathering in calcified rock pools

  3. Entrance in Saturnia Thermal Park šŸ“

    It is time to take a break from all the work and enjoy the pure essence of italian natural hot springs. Saturnia Thermal Park has the name of the planet Saturn! You have a free day ticket to enjoy the waters and their miraculous effects on the skin. Discover the different pools and temperatures: rich in minerals and substances of great importance for the skin, the Saturnia Thermal Park waters will clean your skin and give you the exquisite feeling of rebirth

  4. Transfer to Sorano & Pitigliano

    Was it a great morning at Saturnia Thermal Park? In the afternoon, togheter with your Sweet Travel Italy assistant you will explore Sorano, the town made ofĀ tufoĀ and Pitigliano also called "the Italian Jerusalem"

  5. Visit of Sorano & Pitigliano šŸ“

    After a short drive from Saturnia Thermal Park, the group will be led to discover other two towns of great importance. Sorano and its Archaeological Park and Pitigliano also called "The Italian Jerusalem"

  6. Dinner

    We have booked for the group a typical italian trattoria, family owned with abundant dishes, slowness and relax, inside a cozy place sculpted out of living rocks. Trattoria del Grillo is to be tested!

  7. Transfer to Castello di Titignano

    Tonight is a night of relax after the long excursion day


  1. Breakfast

    Every morning continental breakfast will be served for all our guests. Wide choice of cold cuts, fresh croissants, eggs and fruits will be available

  2. Transfer to Siena

    Get ready for this exclusive full day excursion of Siena. The town is the second most important city in Tuscany region after Florence. As a city-state with a glorious past the town has hosted many great painters and sculptors whom have decorated and embellished every corner of it. Very famous in town is theĀ Palio:Ā horse race that takes place every year on July (the 2nd) and August (the 13th) to celebrate Holy Mary. The horse race takes place it's more than 400 years without interruptions (only during World War I, World War II and the Covid 19 pandemic) in the main square of the town

  3. Visit of Cathedral di Santa Maria Assunta & The Library šŸ“

    Built more than 100 years ago, this architectural masterpiece of Gothic-Romanesque style is the first monument you will be exploring with the English speaking guide during the excursion in Siena. You will be visiting the interiors and listen to many anecdotes about its erection. The Cathedral was first started in the mid of 13th century but it was never finished...

  4. Free time for lunch

    Ask your Sweet Travel Italy assistant for the best truffle restaurant in town. You have left plenty of time to discover the localĀ tavernaĀ where to taste the localĀ gnudiĀ (spinach and cheese balls served with melted pesto) or the typical dessertĀ ricciarelliĀ (small almond cakes covered with sugar and filled with vanilla)

  5. Visit of Siena National Gallery

    The Gallery includes paintings from 13th century to 18th century. It was founded in the Buonsignori and Brigidi Palaces in 1932. The original nucleus of the gallery came from the passion and work of two erudite Sienese, Abbots Giuseppe Ciaccheri and Luigi de Angelis, who collected paintings between 1750 and 1810 by the most significant Sienese artists

  6. Visit of Basilica di San Domenico

    The church is dedicated to Saint Dominicus but inside it holds many relics of Catherine from Siena, saint of the 13th century who came from Siena and was canonized by the Vatican in the 15th century

  7. Transfer to Castello di Titignano

    It is time to leave Siena and head back to Castello di Titignano

  8. Dinner



  1. Breakfast


  2. Check out from Castello di Titignano

    It is time to leave the beautiful Umbria region and head back to Rome where you will spend the last day before departure. Have you enjoyed Castello di Titignano?

  3. Transfer to 4* Boutique Hotel Diana Roof

    The plan is to reach Rome around this time. Half day excursion of Rome by bus with English speaking guide. The group will be exploring some cool spots while the bus drives through the busy streets of Rome. Ask your Sweet Travel Italy assistant for tips on where to enjoy your preferred meal for today. Free time for lunch

  4. Check in 4* Boutique Hotel Diana Roof šŸ“

    This exquisite boutique hotel is in the heart of Rome next to the National Opera. The breakfast is served on the beautiful terrace in front of Rome landscape with a look over St. Peter Church

  5. Walking Rome excursions city center with Sweet Travel Italy assistant

    The city was the capital of the greatest political and military empire, the Roman Empire, under which millions of people lived. Roman artefacts, opulent churches, greatest art collections opened to public, delicious cuisine, everything makes this city a memorable experience.

    Veni, vidi, vici

  6. Visit of Rome most antique Planetarium

    Pick up from the hotel after the check in and visit of Museum of Civilization where it stands one of the oldestĀ planetariumsĀ in the world. You will spend a couple of hours to explore this insightful place and getting a deeper knowledge about our place in the universe

  7. Transfer to 4* Diana Roof Boutique Hotel


  8. Dinner

    Tonight's dinner is not included in the tour price


  1. Breakfast

    Every morning continental breakfast will be served for all our guests. Wide choice of cold cuts, fresh croissants, eggs and fruits will be available

  2. Transfer to Rome Fiumicino International Airport šŸ“

    The minivan will pick you at the hotel. Your Sweet Travel Italy assistant will lead the group to the airport and help for the check in processes. It is time to say goodbye

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